Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Week 19, Marlborough School

January 24, 2012

Moving Day!  Lumber orders, bank accounts, cardboard models.....

First our BIG news:  The Game of Village at Marlborough School has relocated to the art room!  This is almost completely exciting news, except that no one told the art teacher.  If she gets over the shock of it, this will be an almost perfect place to do our house building.  My goal is to be out of her classroom as soon as the weather is on our side (with jackets), I'm hoping for April.  This reflects on my biggest frustration.  I see Village as a tremendous opportunity for both students and educators at the school.  It seems that the staff are not real keen on the program.  None of the teachers have said anything to me about what we are doing and how they might be a part of it, we have been playing for 19 weeks!  It seems like a no brain-er that a math teacher might take interest in our lumber orders, this morning several homesteaders said to me, "This is just like what we just did in math class."  A social studies teacher might take interest in our town meetings as we debate what type of government will work best for our village.  These are two of the most obvious and simple connections between what these homesteaders are learning in their classes and how they are applying it in Village.  I think I need to put a staff meeting on my agenda and be a bit more pro active in getting more of the school on board with Village.

Enough ranting!  Homesteaders are becoming more and more independent.  Some of the group that has chosen to goof off are beginning to see that they are being left behind.  This is excellent as it means they are making great strides to get caught up!  Mr. Kokx is ever  more helpful, I value his presence in the class tremendously.  Today I had a moment to show him what the lumber orders are about, now we can both help the kids get this vital and difficult step done.  I have my first completed lumber order, ready to cut!

We are still lacking when it comes to community.  I think the week after next will be a good time for our next town meeting.  We'll talk about it next week and put together an agenda.  Also, I'll invite the social studies teachers to join (and possibly contribute to) our meeting.

To class next week I need to bring:  the cut lumber order, more wood, paint, paint brushes, something to cover the tables with, calculators

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