Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Week 16, Marlborough School

January 3, 2012

Designing houses, cardboard models, job interviews

We had a very full class today, 24 kids!  The agenda was to continue where we left things before vacation.  I brought Tim to school with me today, to guarantee adult help.  I brought in two peep houses, some old house plans, a stack of empty folders and a LOT of empty cereal boxes (every box that my household and my mother's have gone through since August).  When the class came in I asked them to label their folders and told them (obviously) to keep all of their paperwork in their folders from now on.  I gave brief instructions and let the class continue independently.

I finished up the job interviews, there are quite a few highly qualified peeps in Tiny Town.  I am not sure quite how to divvy up the work.  I think I will just have applicants for the same position switch off every other week, that way all students have ample time for house building and plenty of opportunity for professional development.

Several students are well underway or finished with their cardboard house models.  Next week we will begin working on lumber orders.... I have a feeling that many houses will be redesigned at that time.  We have some rather large houses in town.  Seeing this, I made an announcement to the class that their loan money would be 600meeps and that the price of lumber can be expected to be around 15 to 19 cents per square mini foot.  Some students calculated rough estimates of their building costs, the walls for one house were over 800meeps!

Storage is beginning to become an issue in the room where we are working.  As are the number of desks, we were missing three students this morning and every desk was occupied.  I need to have a conversation with Reuben about this soon.  I also need to find another volunteer for next week as Tim will not be available.

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