Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week 17, Marlborough School

January 10, 2012

Designing houses, cardboard models, lumber orders, first newspaper, the bank is in motion

We are really accomplishing things!  With another SRO class today the kids got right to work.  Mr.Kokx was able to join us today and his help is invaluable.  I set him to work with one of the students who has missed a couple of classes.  I assigned some guidelines to the newspaper editors and bankers and then set to work on lumber orders with a few kids.  The students in this class that also did summer camp and Village at school last year are able to do lumber orders totally independently.  I haven't checked their work yet, but I doubt I will find any errors when the time comes.  I have two students who are fully ready to move onto drawing out their house pieces on wood.  We will begin that next week. Whitney Bros, a local furniture and toy manufacturer, has generously agreed to donate wood for this project.  I plan to pick up the first load at the end of this week.

Our trading post manager went ahead and brought in a large bag of items from home that he thought we ought to have available for sale.  These kids are incredibly resourceful!

Our first newspaper was published today, I forgot to bring one with me when I left.  I will post it next week.

I brought lumber orders and blank checks to class.  These are somewhat tedious to remake for every Village, so I am posting them here for later use.

Blank checks:

Lumber order:

As it is primary day here in New Hampshire, I saw the town moderator this morning.  I invited him to come to our next town meeting to moderate.  In the letter I am sending home with the kids (for the parents) I need to encourage them to bring their kids to the upcoming town meetings.  Witnessing the structure of a real meeting  I think would help a lot of these kids really understand the purpose of having meeting as well as what appropriate behavior can look like.

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