Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Week 18, Marlborough School

January 17, 2012

banking, lumber orders, cardboard models

One hour a week is not really enough!  I brought a few pieces of wood today for homesteaders to begin drawing out their lumber orders.  We did not actually do this though.  As we were in the process I realized that #1: All lumber orders should be checked for accuracy (both in parts and math)  #2: Homesteaders should have their check books prior to drawing on wood, the lumber order needs to be submitted to the trading post with payment before wood is received  #3: trading post employees need to be trained to check lumber orders for accuracy.  Other material I brought to class today: more blank lumber orders, wood glue, simple squares, tiny hinges, yogurt cups, jar and bottle lids, corks, plastic from salad boxes.  Next week we will be moving the class downstairs to the art room.  We will stay there until our houses are out on the land (hopefully in April).

The homesteaders are so interested in house building that no items were suggested for town meeting.  I guess this means it is not time for one yet.

I noticed as I got the class room ready this morning that many students are being a bit lazy with their cardboard models, I found two models that appeared complete and showed these to everyone.  This seemed to put the wind in their sails and many homesteaders were very productive today with very accurate models coming right along.  I think that those who are behind (because of goofing off or lack of focus) will catch themselves up as they see the real progress made by others.  The tricky part of having so many new homesteaders in this class is that many really don't understand why the steps are so important.  This is not a lesson you can tell them, they have to learn it for themselves.  Homesteaders who are not new to the game are progressing amazingly!

The bank is taking real shape, at least one homesteader got their checks today.  So as not to overwhelm the banker, I am having homesteaders who have completed their lumber orders go to the bank as their next step. At the moment this seems to be a good plan.

We already have run out of cereal boxes, I asked homesteaders to bring more from home for next week.

Our first newspaper!

the Peeps of Tiny Town

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