Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Week 22, Marlborough School

February 14, 2012

lumber orders, banking, cardboard models, house painting

  Today Village looked much like the past several weeks.  The main difference I have noticed is that as a group, we have finally established ourselves.  I think I wrote last week about loosing some students to Drama club; this was unfortunate but I seem to be seeing the same faces every week now and it is nice that we have settled into our group.  I began the morning moving all of our materials from the supply closet and on down the hall into the art room.  My own children have been great helpers with this, they come to school early with me and hold doors open, unload the lumber orders from the car, wash the art tables, and move all of materials.  

  All of the homesteaders were very busy today making BIG progress.  These kids are really getting it.  I didn't feel pulled in twenty directions (this is a big deal).  Three issues arose today: 1. Peeps are overdrawing their accounts.  2. Peeps are counterfeiting checks. 3. Is it a conflict of interest for the trading post manager to assess his own tariffs?  FINALLY!  Problems!  I think we might just be ready to work on our community!

  We have next week off from school, so no Village.  I think it really must be time for town meeting.  I do declare, it will happen on February 28th!

note to self: remember to bring in hammers!


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