Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Week 21

February 7, 2012

lumber orders, cardboard models, house painting!

Things are progressing nicely in Village.  At this point the majority of homesteaders have drawn out their house pieces on wood.  Three students painted their house pieces today.  There is still a group of five or six that tends to be behind, although they are making progress.  We have lost several homesteaders to drama club.  I will have a firm number next week and will be able to weed out some of the extra materials.  As homesteaders achieve their goals they have time to think about the bigger picture and where they might fit in the community.  One homesteader today said that he doesn't want to paint his house or spend much money on it because he is planning on building a Colosseum.  This announcement led me to ask a few questions about the building's use.  He does intend for this to be open to the public.... and so our first public works project is born!  Said homesteader is now working on a proposal to have the Colosseum publicly funded.

The plan for next week will be very similar to the plans of the last several.  Some homesteaders are ready to actually assemble their homes.  I will need to remember to bring in some hammers next week.  The next step after building will be furnishings.  My plan is still to move outside as soon as possible.  As the homesteaders are moving along at such a varied pace it would be beneficial to be outdoors because we could have one group of students working on their land and another group working on their houses.

We are finally coming to the point of needing a town meeting and having the focus to get it done.   I am really hoping it will happen prior to February vacation.

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