Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week 5, Marlborough School

October 11, 2011

We were nearly a full class today (21 students I think).  I arrived at school early to set out all of the peep making supplies and write the job info on the board.  When the class had arrived I informed them that we would have until 8:35 to finish up peeps and fill out job applications.  After this point we would move onto peep introductions.  We went once around the room saying our names, as many students still don't seem to know who their classmates are.  The jobs posted on the board were:  banker, trading post manager, newspaper editor, moderator, secretary, and "odd jobs".  The class was instructed to fill out the questions posted on the board if they had finished making their peep.
Job Application Form:
1. Position applying for
2. Name (peep)
3. Hometown
4. Age
5. Education
6. Relevant experience
7. Non-relevant experience
8. Why should UPM (United Peeps of Monadnock) choose you for this position?

The kids were chomping at the bit to get started, I ought to have given the class a little bit more information concerning the jobs than I did, but ultimately, I don't think this will be much of a problem.  The next 20 minutes were very busy and productive.  Many students had questions regarding the required information for the job application.  They really had fun inventing a bit of history for their peeps.  At 8:35 I collected 15 job applications!  I am very excited about this and have to figure out just how I will conduct interviews during class.

After a bit of clean up we moved onto some more peep intros.  Today we met:

Bob, introduced by Matthew.  Bob is a thug, not a people person.  Has a mutation that he was born with a tail.  The Spanish teacher was present for this and she said that people can be born with all kinds of mutations.  Bob can be hired for all kinds of maintenance, he is a very skilled exterminator.

Lilly S. introduced us to Ostar, 21 years old from Alaska.  She wants to be moderator, her favorite color is white, she wants a husky and she like ice fishing.

Kevin introduced Pablo (from last years village) and his new wife, Amanda.  Pablo likes hitting things with swords, he likes weapons.  He is good at everything.  His favorite color is plaid.

Lilly M. introduced Nikki, age 25.  Nikki is a vet, she has one dog, one cat and several guinea pigs.  Her favorite color is lime green, she likes running and she hasn't killed anyone.  Nikki will sell the waste from her animals.

Dalton introduced us to Beerana and Morton (from village summer camp).  Beerana is Morton's 29 year old wife.  Morton, who is 30, is the town drunk.  He is from Alcantol.

Elizabeth introduced Lisa, age 21.  Lisa's favorite color is purple.  She loves to cook.  She has one dog and has killed no people.  She was in jail once for spitting on a cop.

Harley introduced Bob Hi.  Bob will not fight to the death with Gabe and his peep.  He has one snake and one spear.  His favorite color is hot sparkly pink.  He is bald and he likes squirrels and pie.  Bob is 30, drinks a lot, has killed three people, has one brother.  He is bald because he pulled his hair our when he was drunk.  He has no friends and has never been to jail.  Bob informs us that he will not nuke the world.

Jacob introduced Jared.  Jared is a 19 year old from Philadelphia.  He fixes computers and wants to be banker in village.  He plays soccer and and loves lemon pie.  His favorite element is oxygen.  He has never had a reason to kill anyone and he doesn't drink.

Elizabeth S. introduced us to Marie, a 19 year old from Littleton, VT.

This is where we stopped (short) as the bell rang!  I am planning on doing the acre activity next week and possibly scouting for land depending on the weather.  If the weather is foul we will do the indoor area activity (large cookie... how do you get the most from your perimeter?), hopefully finish with peep intros and come up with some town name ideas.

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