Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Week 4, Marlborough School

October 4, 2011- Day 4
  Today at Village we were missing about 1/3 of the class due to testing.  I decided to spend the hour with peep introductions.  I gave a brief intro to the activity, let the kids know the kind of information we might like to know about their peeps.  My first eager volunteer was Sawyer.  His peep is named Michael, he is 21, and his favorite foods are: ice cream, apple pie, and lasagna.  He is Canadian, has a German Sheppard and he is a vet.  Seeing no other volunteers, I went ahead and properly introduced Rolph.  He tends to be popular, and good at loosening the tension in a class because his favorite thing to talk about is manure, aka poop.  Rolph helped Michael find his natural voice. 

Next we met Ryan’s peep, Dave.  Dave is 25, he likes to dance and he is from the Spanish room.  He has a pet disco monkey.  He is a professional disco dancer, he loves disco ball shaped cakes, he has a salsa dancing brother.  He can do interesting tricks with his head as it is not glued on yet.  He knows Dance-Fu and has been jailed once for dancing too much. 
Tayissa introduced us to Hunter.  He is 21, from the Leaf Tribe and has 11 brothers and 11 sisters.  He is married to Pocahontas, his hobby is hunting and he does not carry a gun.
Wyatt introduced Chuck, not like Chuck Norris.  He is 15, hunts, does extreme sports… he doesn’t go to school so he basically does whatever he wants.  He owns and carries two spears and he will fight everything, but not cats.  Chuck has 10 pets and is from South Carolina.  He does not like Bob the Builder, does not have cable and does not like pie!

Will introduced Mark.  Mark is 25 and has dread locks and furry cow hide chaps.  He loves biking, has no pets, likes dogs, likes cherry and blueberry pie, he also likes pizza.  Mark is very wealthy, he might join a biker gang, his favorite weapon is a machine gun.  His favorite color is yellow and he also likes pink a little bit.  Mark has been jailed once for trespassing and vandalism (spray painting private property).

 Danny introduced us to a peep with no name, yet.  He is 24, has a very squeaky voice, his weapon of choice is the revolver.  ? is a gun collector, he is a hired assassin by trade and he plans to blow up Canada because he does not like the Canadian accent.

Cedric introduced us to another name-less peep.  He is 37, from Australia, he likes sailing, and motor cycle tricks.  Radiation from the hole in the ozone layer over Australia has made him very strong and very orange.  He was formerly a policeman, he kills 10 flies in the summer and he is not a murderer.  He has ridden a kangaroo, jumper 50ft chasms on a motorbike, and navigated whirlpools on a motorboat.  He carries a machete for bushwhacking.  He has a younger, turtle obsessed half brother, and a younger half sister who loves French fries.

Eliza introduced us to Lee.  Lee, is 26, she is a gardener who doesn’t like pansies because they make her sneeze.  She is from Connecticut, has never been to jail, has five cows (for manure for her garden), likes potato chips, grows flowers and doesn’t like Justin Beber.   Lee said it would be okay if Rolph came over for dinner sometime!

Tayah introduced us to Carmen.  Carmen is 21 and from New Jersey.  She has two sisters who also will be living in the village at Marlborough School.  Carmen is not a psycho freak.  She is a fashion designer with beautiful dyed pink hair.  She has been jailed once for spitting on a “cop”.

I would say the class mostly went very well.  The students were quiet and respectful of their peers during the intros.  At the beginning of class I had two kids fighting over a seat, poor language was used and the situation ultimately was resolved.  At the end of class a student informed me that the missing heads (from last week) were taken by another student and he destroyed them and was playing with the clay.  I spoke with Rueben about these two issues; he will send me a class list as well as the official disciplinary script for the school. 
Today we learned/used respect, public speaking, creativity.
Next week I plan to give students about 20 minutes of peep making time, post federal jobs for hire (banker, newspaper editor, trading post manager) and continue with introductions. 

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