Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Week 14, Marlborough School

December 14, 2011

Currency continued

This mornings Village was well attended, I had 24 of 27 students present!  This was another town meeting day.  We began the class with a little refresher from last week.  I wrote all of the currency names up on the board and invited the kids to make more suggestions.  We had about fifteen ideas in all.  When narrowed it down we had:  Tiny Tips, Meeps, and Pee Pee Bucks.  Meeps won by a large margin.  Moving right along we decided that next we needed a symbol for our currency.  The moderator called on her classmates to draw their ideas on the board.  Some winning suggestions for symbols were: a lightening bolt, a three dimensional star, a cursive letter M, and an equilateral triangle with a square inside, with a pentagon inside the square, with a hexagon inside the pentagon, finishing with a crossed M in the middle of it all.  The three dimensional star won.

The class was a bit distracted today.  This is a result of me not inviting the class to have a free for all with the craft supplies during meeting today.  In light of this less than admiral behavior and constant distracted murmuring, one student (the hopeful future trading post manager) made some announcements regarding trading post import policy (much of the murmuring was about items being "smuggled" into village).  He informed everyone that the trading post would assign tariffs to all imports, regardless of the suggested real world value of the items.  He then took questions.  Unfortunately I haven't assigned jobs yet, so specific answers to many questions were unavailable.

With few minutes remaining the class decided to revisit government talks.  This was a challenge because at this point, those who were unable to be respectful during the meeting could not be convinced to quiet down so we could hear those who had been called on.

While we have a bit of unfinished business and there are a few behavioral things I would like to discuss with the class, I am not in favor of having another meeting until sometime in January.  I can talk until I'm blue in the face about the virtues of respect... but my message would not be heard because some of the group were simply bored today.   I can't expect more of the kids than I would of myself.  So next week I need to find a couple of helpers to come in and support the lesson so I can move forward and assign jobs.  I would like to start designing houses next week; and get the bank, newspaper and trading post up and running.

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